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Latino Ministry/Latino Studies Major (B.A. Degree)
Department of Modern Languages / School of Theology and Ministry

The Latino Ministry/Latino Studies major is an interdisciplinary B.A. major that includes courses from the School of Theology and Ministry and courses from the Department of Modern Languages. The major is designed for students who wish to embrace the missional opportunities inherent in ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diversified ministries. It fosters skill development in English-Spanish/Spanish-English translation, promotes understanding of organizational development and spiritual leadership, and actively engages students in understanding the salient issues of the practical work of ministry in inclusive local church settings, informed by sound biblical and theological perspectives. The course work is also designed to increase students’ appreciation for the rich and varied contributions of Hispanic culture to theological understanding, preparing students to serve as faithful agents of racial and ethnic reconciliation in a variety of multicultural ministry settings.

Major Requirements

Courses  Credits
Ministry Courses
PRTH 1113 Introduction to Ministry 3
THEO 3113 OR
THEO 3123
Old Testament Theology OR
New Testament Theology
THEO 3133 Doctrine of Holiness 3
Upper division Old Testament exegesis course 3
Upper division New Testament exegesis course 3
PRTH 4133 OR
PRTH 4163
Church Growth & Christian Mission OR
Pastoral Leadership & Team Building
Either of the following two sequences:


C HS 3123 AND
C HS 3133
Church History I AND
Church History II
THEO 4143
Systematic Theology I AND
Systematic Theology II
Upper division philosophy course 3
Upper division practical theology course 3
Total Ministry Course Credits 30
Culture and Language Courses
SPAN 2133 Intermediate Spanish I 3*
SPAN 2143 Intermediate Spanish II 3*
SPAN 3423 Composition and Conversation 3
SPAN 3453 Intensive Composition and Conversation 3
TRAN 2153 Fundamentals of Translation 3
TRAN 3123 OR
TRAN 3133
English into Spanish Translation OR
Spanish into English Translation
Translation Elective (theological, legal, business, education, medical) 3
SOC 3103 OR
MISS 4183
Race & Ethnicity OR
Cultural Anthropology
SPAN 3323/SPAN 4233 Upper division Special Studies courses 6
Total Cultural and Language Course Credits 30
Total Latino Ministry/Latino Studies Major Credits 60

*If a student demonstrates language proficiency above intermediate level, appropriate electives in language or cultural studies would be substituted.