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Spanish-English Translation Major (B.A. Degree)
Department of Modern Languages

The B.A. in Spanish-English Translation prepares students for careers in translation, business, print and electronic media and other fields in which translation and bilingual writing skills are an asset. The translation major consists of 60 credit hours distributed among required courses in English, Speech Communication, Spanish and Translation Studies and electives in those fields. No minor is required.

Courses   Credits
English / Speech Communication Courses
ENGL 3143 Technical Communications 3
ENGL 4103 Advanced English Grammar 3
ENGL 4273 Linguistics 3
SP C 4233 Intercultural Communication 3
ENGL/MCOM Electives (choose two from the following 3-credit courses)  
ENGL 2123 Teaching English as a Second Language I  
ENGL 2213 Academic Writing  
ENGL 3123 Teaching English as a Second Language II  
ENGL 3133 Writing for Christian Publications  
ENGL 3313 Magazine Writing  
ENGL 4203 Writing for Digital Media  
MCOM 2313 Newswriting  
Total English / Speech Communication Credits 18
Spanish Courses
SPAN 1313 Introduction to Cultural and Communication Studies 3
SPAN 2133 Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPAN 2143 Intermediate Spanish II 3
SPAN 3423 Composition and Conversation 3
SPAN 3453 Commercial Spanish 3
SPAN 4473 Intensive Composition and Conversation 3
Upper division SPAN elective 3
Total Spanish Course Credits 21
Translation Studies Courses
TRAN 2153 Fundamentals of Translation 3
TRAN 3123 Spanish into English Translation 3
TRAN 3133 English into Spanish Translation 3
Other translation courses * 15
Total Translation Studies Course Credits 21
Total Spanish-English Translation Major Course Credits 60