Graduate Studies / Degree Programs / Nursing Leadership

Master of Science with a Major in Nursing Leadership (MSNL)
School of Graduate Studies

This degree is designed for baccalaureate-educated registered nurses desiring preparation for nursing leadership throughout the healthcare delivery system.


The objectives of the track are to:
  1. provide individualized, evidence-based care to clients, families, and communities.
  2. create healthcare environments that will improve outcomes for individuals and groups.
  3. assume responsibility and authority for decision making regarding client care.
  4. participate in multidisciplinary collaboration for the coordination of total client care.

Curriculum for Leadership Focus

Courses Credits
Core Courses
NURS 5113 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing 3
NURS 5133 Nursing Research 3
NURS 6123 Profession as Ministry 3
NURS 6143 Information Management 3
NURS 6153 Trends and Issues in Healthcare Policy 3
NURS 6176 Capstone Experience 6
NURS 6183 Illness Reduction and Management 3
Total Core Course Credits 24
Specialty courses
NURS 5153 Leadership Practicum 3
NURS 5163 Organizational Behavior in Healthcare 3
NURS 6163 Human Resource Management and Administration 3
NURS 6173 Financial Management in Health Care 3
NURS 6263 Clinical Focus 3
Total Specialty Course Credits 15
Total MSNL Program Credits 39