Graduate Studies / Degree Programs / Nursing Education

Master of Science with a major in Nursing Education (MSNE)
School of Graduate Studies

This degree is designed to prepare registered nurses to become effective educators in nursing. The curriculum allows the individual to develop teaching expertise in both academic and clinical settings.


The objectives of the track are to:
  • influence nursing education, practice, research, and/or healthcare environments.
  • use specialized knowledge and skills within the focus areas to foster maximum growth within a target population.
  • design activities that support critical think, professional growth, open communication, and collaborative relationships.
  • commit to a personal ethic of social responsibility and service.
Curriculum for Education Focus

Courses Credits
Core Courses
NURS 5113 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing 3
NURS 5133 Nursing Research 3
NURS 6123 Profession as Ministry 3
NURS 6143 Information Management 3
NURS 6153 Trends and Issues in Healthcare Policy 3
NURS 6176 Capstone Experience 6
NURS 6183 Illness Reduction and Management 3
Total Core Course Credits 24
Specialty Courses
NURS 5123 Theoretical Foundations of Education 3
NURS 5143 Teaching and Evaluation Methods 3
NURS 6113 Curriculum Development for the Health Professions 3
NURS 6193 Nursing Education Practicum 3
NURS 6263 Clinical Focus 3
Total Specialty Course Credits 15
Total MSNE Program Credits 39