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Sociology Major (B.S. Degree)
Department of Sociology

Major Course Requirements

The major is designed for students planning to begin entry level careers or enter graduate school. Completing an internship and Elementary Spanish I (SPAN 1113) and Elementary Spanish II (SPAN 1123) are recommended for all majors.

A minimum of 18 residency credits in the major should be taken at SNU, with at least nine at the upper division level. These courses should be chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor from the Department of Sociology.

Courses   Credits
Sociology Core Courses
*SOC 1113 Introduction to Sociology 3 
STAT 3143 Statistical Methods 3
SOC 4143 Social Theory 3
SOC 4193 Methods of Social Research 3
SOC 4223 Colloquium in Sociology 3
Total Sociology Core Course Credits 15
Electives * (choose from the following to total 21):
SOC 2113 Social Problems 3
SOC 3103 Race and Ethnicity 3
SOC 3153 Urban Sociology 3
SOC 2153 Sociology of the Family 3
SOC 4383 Social Stratification 3
SOC 3213 Political and Social Philosophy 3
SOC 4183 Cultural Anthropology 3
SOC 2243 Aging and Gerontology 3
SOC 3433 Death and Dying 3
SOC 4131-4 Sociology Internship 1-4
Other SOC courses (as offered)
Total Elective Course Credits 21
Total Sociology Major Course Credits 36

* Additional electives should be selected in consultation with the academic advisor. These electives should be selected from the course offerings in the Division of Social / Behavioral Sciences (Departments of Sociology, Psychology, and History, Politics, and Geography.)

Minor Course Requirements

Requires 18 credits including Introduction to Sociology (SOC 1113) and at least nine credits of upper division courses in sociology. These courses should be chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor in the Department of Sociology.