Psychology Major (B.A. Degree)
Department of Psychology

Psychology Major (B. A.) Course Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology is designed primarily as a liberal arts major for those entering fields requiring psychological understanding. A minimum of 38 credits are required to complete the B.A. program and must include the following:

Course   Credits
PSY 1113 General Psychology I    3
PSY 1131 General Psychology Lab  1
PSY 1213 General Psychology II 3
STAT 3143 Statistical Methods 3
PSY 3153 Research Design 3
PSY 4273 History and Systems of Psychology 3
PSY 4492 Senior Colloquium 2
PSY 3133 or
PSY 4143 or
PSY 2173
Human Development or
Advanced Developmental Theories or
Psychology of Children and Youth
Electives  17
Total Psychology (B.A. Degree) Major Course Credits 38

Psychology Minor Course Requirements

A minimum of 18 credits is required to complete a minor in psychology, and must include the following courses:

Course   Credits
PSY 1113 General Psychology I 3
PSY 1131 General Psychology Lab 1
PSY 3153 * and PSY 3161 or
PSY 4273
Research Design and Senior Thesis or
History and Systems of Psychology

* Statistical Methods (STAT 3143) is strongly recommended and is a prerequisite for Research Design (PSY 3153).