Department of Speech Communication (SP C)

Full-time Faculty of the Department

Departmental Mission and Objectives

  • To emphasize the importance of intelligent speech as inherent and central in the structure of a society of free people.

  • To develop an ethic that recognizes the responsibility of social consequence arising out of the individual's speech behavior.

  • To understand the role of communication in effective interpersonal relations, group interaction, conflict management and organizational life.

  • To achieve effectiveness that will merit response in areas of persuasion and influence.

  • To develop aesthetic appreciation and personal skills in literary and performance values of speech, literature, and drama.

Departmental Degree Options


Communication and Cultural Studies Division Disciplinary Major
Mass Communication Major
Speech Communication Major
Public Relations Major

Mulitdisciplinary Majors
Human Relations
Urban Ministry / Urban Studies

Minor / A.A. Degree

Speech Communication Minor
A.A. Degree in Communication and Cultural Studies