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Geography (Minor)
Department of History, Politics and Geography

The 18-credit minor in geography will provide students interested in this ancient and venerable field of study the opportunity to derive an introduction to various facets of the field. Further, geographical study is integral to the field of social studies and may be used by majors in social studies education as a more substantial component of their preparation to teach social studies.

Courses Credits
HP 1213 Physical Geography 3
HP 2503 World Regional Geography 3
One of the following 3-credit electives: 3
HP 4303 Topics in American History: Environmental History  
HP 3113 Geographical Information Systems (GIS) *  
Cartography-related course 3
A regional area study courses
(e.g. Modern Latin America, Modern East Asia, or Modern Europe)
Field studies in geography 9
Total Geography Minor Credits 18

* For the GIS courses, students may be directed to off-campus locations where such courses are offered. While such courses are offered at the University of Oklahoma, a student may elect to take the course on-line through Earth Resources Surveys Inc. (ESRi), a leading educator in geographical information systems. Field studies coursework may include participation in CCCU study abroad programs, QERC programs, and select cultural or scientific field courses. Students must approve participation in field studies with their advisor in advance.