Undergraduate College / Academic Programs / History

History Major (B.A. Degree)
Department of History, Politics and Geography

Courses   Credits
HP 1483 U.S. History I 3
HP 1493 U.S. History II 3
HP 2013 World Civilizations I ** 3
HP 2023 World Civilizations II ** 3
HP 2113 Historical Methods 3
HP 4393 Field Studies in History 3
HP 4912 Senior Project (repeated for four credits total) 4
Electives * (as specified by the department) 24
Total History Major Course Credits 46

* As part of their elective credits, qualified students may elect to take advantage of one of the opportunities afforded by SNU’s participation in CCCU study abroad programs through which students may earn up to 16 credits for a semester study abroad experience.

** One section of World Civilizations is required for General Education CORE.