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Education-Liberal Studies (B.S. Degree)
School of Education

This degree is for an individual who:
  • is interested in a broad liberal arts education
  • may have started a teacher education program but discovers an incompatibility with the expectations of the teaching profession
  • has needs in parenting and family relationships
  • has interest in church or business responsibilities and desires to combine these areas with education, or
  • may not have a clear vocational goal
  • is not seeking a standard teaching certificate

Program Course Requirements

  1. Complete 24 credits selected from the following courses:

ED 2111
*Introduction to Education
ED 2173 / PSY 2173 *Psychology of Children / Youth
ED or PSY A guidance and / or counseling course
ED 2162 *Foundations of Education
ED 3122 Learning and Evaluation
ED 3222 Child Development
ED 4142 Survey of Exceptional Child
ED 3562 Health, Safety, Nutrition, and PE
ED 4534 Middle School Curriculum and Design
ED 4522 Characteristics of Early Adolescents
ED 4553 *Child and Social Systems
ED 3512 Social Studies in Elementary School
ED 3692 Motor Skill Development / Creative Arts
ED 3422 Primary Literature / Language Arts
ED 3464 Elementary Literature / Language Arts
ED 3633 Child Guidance: Theory and Practice
*Educational Technology
PSY 3133 Human Development
ED 3432 Music / Art
ED 3442 Primary Math / Science
ED 3452 / ED 3453 Intermediate Math / Science
ED 4483 / ED 4484 Cognitive Development
ED 3323 Developmental Reading / Practicum

* Required courses.

  1. Complete a total of 36 credits (no more than six credits may be counted in the General Education requirement) in three of the following areas. At least 15 credits must be completed in one area with no less than six credits in each of the three:
    • Language arts / humanities (speech communication, English)
    • Fine arts (art and music)
    • Social and behavioral sciences (sociology, psychology)
    • Science and mathematics
    • Philosophy, religion, Christian education
    • Physical education (athletic coaching, health, kinesiology)
    • Business

  2. Complete electives to make a minimum of 124 credits.
  3. Complete 40 upper division credits.

Note: the student must submit a supplementary statement of non-teacher certification and the intention of pursuing a career outside of public school teaching.