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Urban Ministry / Urban Studies (B.S. Degree)
School of Theology and Ministry / Department of Sociology

This structured, multidisciplinary major, offered in conjunction with the Department of Sociology, is designed for students wishing to invest their lives in urban ministry opportunities. Typically, students advised through the School of Theology and Ministry major in Urban Ministry, while students advised through the Department of Sociology major in Urban Studies. This program option leads to a B.S. degree and is intended to provide a basis for understanding, assessing, and responding to urban life and society. It is informed by an understanding of biblical and theological perspectives for compassionate ministry, and focuses on the development of skills in cross-cultural communication, personal counseling, and organizational development.

Major Objectives

Upon successful completion of the Urban Ministry degree program, students will be able to -
  1. Understand the principles and practice of crisis ministry.
  2. Acquire the sociological and psychological foundations for ministry among the unique and specific urban populations.
  3. Assume the responsibilities of an urban pastor in developing and sustaining viable local church compassionate ministries and faith-based non-profit organizations.
  4. Investigate methods by which the informed urban pastor can partner with society in bringing hope and comfort to at-risk families and individuals.

Major Course Requirements

Course Credits
Required Core Courses
SP C 4213 / MISS 4213 Communication in Conflict Management 3
SP C 4233 / MISS 4233 Intercultural Communication 3
PSY 1113 General Psychology I 3
PSY 3133 Human Development 3
SOC 1113 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC 3103 Race and Ethnicity 3
SOC 3153 Urban Sociology 3
SOC 3173 Juvenile Delinquency 3
Total Required Core Course Credits 24
Ministry / Mission Courses
PRTH 1113 Introduction to Ministry 3
PRTH 4133 Church Growth and Christian Mission 3
PRTH 4163 Pastoral Leadership and Team Building 3
THEO 3113 Old Testament Theology  3
THEO 3133 Doctrine of Holiness 3
MISS 3183 Ministry Experience 3
B LT 3243 or
B LT 4273
Matthew and Mark or
B LT 3253 or
B LT 4193
Pauline Epistles or
General Epistles and Revelation
Total Ministry / Missions Course Credits 24
Elective Courses
Four 3-credit electives from the following: 12
SOC 3193 Criminology  
SOC 3433 Death and Dying  
SOC 4123 Sociology of the Family  
SOC 4383 Social Stratification  
SOC 4183 / MISS 4183 Cultural Anthropology  
One to four 3-credit psychology courses from the following: 3-12
PSY 3113 Social Psychology  
PSY 3203 Industrial / Organizational Psychology  
PSY 4103 Abnormal Psychology  
PSY 4213 Principles of Counseling  
Total Elective Course Credits 15-24
Total Urban Ministry/Urban Studies Major Course Credits 63-72