Undergraduate College / Academic Programs / Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Major (B.S. Degree)
School of Theology and Ministry

Major Objectives

Upon successful completion of the Youth Ministry degree program, students will be able to -

  1. Understand youth cultures and the skills necessary to lead youth groups.
  2. Cultivate a love and passion for Kingdom advancement with an eye toward preparing youth for their present and future leadership roles in the local church.
  3. Acquire communication and leadership skills necessary for developing viable youth outreach and discipleship ministries within the local church in harmony with the overall vision of the church.

Major Course Requirements

Courses Credits
Theology/Ministry Core Courses
PRTH 1113 Introduction to Ministry 3
THEO 3113 Old Testament Theology 3
THEO 3123 New Testament Theology 3
THEO 3133 Doctrine of Holiness 3
THEO 4111 Senior Colloquium 1
THEO 4133 Systematic Theology I 3
THEO 4143 Systematic Theology II 3
C HS 3123 Church History I 3
C HS 3133 Church History II 3
Old Testament exegesis 3-credit elective from the following:
B LT 3113 Pentateuchal Narratives  
B LT 3123 Historical Books: The Former Prophets  
B LT 4123 Eighth and Seventh Century Prophets  
B LT 4213 Poetic and Wisdom Literature  
New Testament exegesis 3-credit elective course from the following:
B LT 3243 Matthew and Mark   
B LT 3253 Pauline Epistles   
B LT 4173 Johannine Literature  
B LT 4193 General Epistles and Revelation  
B LT 4273 Luke-Acts  
One additional elective upper division exegesis course
Total Theology/Ministry Core Course Credits 34
Other Required Courses
C ED 2123 Foundations of Christian Education 3
C ED 2173 Psychology of Children and Youth 3
C ED 3193 Family Ministries in the Local Church  3
C ED 4123 Life Span Ministries  3
C ED 4133 Survey of Youth Ministry 3
C ED 4183 or
C ED 4383
Ministry Experience or
Ministry Intensive
A history of philosophy course 3
Nine credits from the following Christian education (C ED)courses: 9
C ED 2213 or
C ED 4153
Administration of Christian Education or
Multiple Staff Ministry
C ED 3153 Christian Education in a Multicultural Context  
C ED 4163 Pastoral Leadership and Team Building  
C ED 4173 Crisis Ministry: Advocacy and Intervention  
Total Other Required Course Credits 30
Total Youth Ministry Major Course Credits 64