Missions Major (B.A. Degree)
School of Theology and Ministry

Major Objectives

Upon successful completion of the Missions degree program, students will be able to-
  1. Mobilize believers for the task of fulfilling the Great Commission. Students will be able to...
    • ...lay out the biblical foundations for evangelism and global mission.
    • ...describe the functioning of a local church missions mobilization group like NMI.
    • ...articulate the pastoral role in mentoring those who feel called to ministry.
    • ...explain ways that local churches can marshal financial support for world evangelism.
    • ...express the importance of a local church’s prayer support for world evangelism efforts.
    • ...explain the importance of involving children and youth in the great commission.
    • ...describe plans for running a mission education program in a local church.

  2. Work and communicate in another culture or in multicultural contexts. Students will...
    • ...have had a face-to-face contact and experience with persons of other world religions.
    • ...have had a ministry experience conducted in another culture.
    • ...have had some participation in Youth in Mission, Beyond the Beach, Commission unto Mexico, or some other mission opportunity.
    • ...have interned in a local church mission.
    • ...be able to express an awareness of the importance of gospel communication in a people’s heart language.

  3. Devise solutions for the problems facing today’s global mission enterprise. Students will...
    • ...demonstrate an ability to come up with effective solutions for problems posed in cross cultural case studies.
    • ...have had face-to-face encounters with missionaries that explain unique situations for global effectiveness in a variety of locations.
    • ...be able to articulate some ways they would respond to the challenges posed by globalization and the shifting of the center of gravity of Christianity away from the West.
    • ...be able to articulate a future for and project outcomes of societal trends.

Major Course Requirements

Course Credits
Theology and Ministry Core Courses
PRTH 1113 Introduction to Ministry 3
THEO 3113 Old Testament Theology 3
THEO 3123 New Testament Theology 3
THEO 3133 Doctrine of Holiness 3
THEO 4111 Senior Colloquium 1
THEO 4133 Systematic Theology I 3
THEO 4143 Systematic Theology II 3
C HS 3123 Church History I 3
C HS 3133 Church History II 3
An upper division, three-credit Old Testament exegesis course from the following:  
B LT 3113 Pentateuchal Narratives  
B LT 3123 Historical Books: The Former Prophets  
B LT 4123 Eighth and Seventh Century Prophets  
B LT 4213 Poetic and Wisdom Literature  
An upper division, three-credit New Testament exegesis course from the following:  
B LT 3243 Matthew and Mark   
B LT 3253 Pauline Epistles   
B LT 4173 Johannine Literature  
B LT 4193 General Epistles and Revelation  
B LT 4273 Luke-Acts  
One additional elective upper division exegesis course
Total Theology and Ministry Core Course Credits 34
Missions Courses
MISS 2113 Introduction to Christian Missions 3
MISS 2133 Nazarene Missions 3
MISS 4163 Theology of Christian Missions 3
MISS 4183 Cultural Anthropology 3
MISS electives  9
Total Missions Course Credits 21
Total Missions Major Credits 55