Department of Chemistry (CHEM)

Full-time Faculty of the Department

Departmental Mission

The mission of the Chemistry Department at Southern Nazarene University is to provide an excellent education in chemistry within the framework of a liberal arts tradition. Since chemistry is a laboratory science, we provide modern instruments that allow a careful study of chemical materials. We emphasize the responsible use of chemical knowledge to solve significant problems related to energy, natural resources, new materials, and human disease. We seek to prepare our students for various careers opportunities including chemical education, medicine, and industry.

Departmental Goals

  • To understand and articulate the quantitative relationships that exist between materials involved in chemical changes.
  • To gain “hands on” operational and interpretive experience with the laboratory equipment used in modern chemistry laboratories.
  • To understand and articulate how a chemist asks, and answers questions related to natural world.
  • To understand and articulate the responsibilities the chemist has to their world.
  • To understand and articulate the atomic and structural viewpoint of nature.
  • To understand and articulate the relationship of chemistry to the other scientific disciplines.
  • To aid the student in understanding and articulating that there is not disagreement between the ethical pursuit of truth through modern science and the life of faith in Christ.

Departmental Majors/Minors

The Department of Chemistry offers two major program options. The first focuses on preparation in chemistry while the second combines work in chemistry with courses in biology (biology-chemistry), to prepare students for a variety of scientific pursuits.