Department of Art and Design (ART, GDSG)

Full-time Faculty of the Department

Departmental Objectives

  • Students will understand and demonstrate the design process from start to finish.
  • Students can visually and verbally articulate chosen concept and final design solution in a classroom and professional setting.
  • Student will exhibit graphic design projects with a professional level of presentation and craft skills.
  • Students can critique or evaluate design skills and design solutions, individually and in peer situations.
  • Students understand and demonstrate proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite software applications.
  • Students will participate in the local art and design community.
  • Students will have a working knowledge of the history and contemporary trends of graphic design.

Graphic Design (B.A. Degree)

A major in Graphic Design consists of a combination of art and graphic design courses that total 48 credits.

Courses Credits
ART 1113 Drawing I 3
ART 1213 Design I 3
ART 1223 Design II 3
ART 2013 History of Art and Design 3
ART 2113 Color Visual Language 3
ART 2413 Vector and Raster Fundamentals 3
ART 2423 Vector and Raster Fundamentals II 3
GDSG 2433 Typography  3
GDSG 3413 Corporate Identity 3
GDSG 3433 Digital Imaging 3
GDSG 4413 Information Design 3
GDSG 4433 Professional Practice 3
GDSG 2113 Introduction to Web Design 3
MCOM 4203 Writing for Digital Media 3
GDSG 4371 Cultural and Communication Studies Colloquium 1
GDSG 1313 Introduction to Cultural and Communication Studies * 3
Art / Graphic Design Electives 5
Total Graphic Design Major Credits 51

Art Minor

An 18-credit minor in art is offered through the Department of Art and Design.

Courses Credits
ART 1113 Drawing I 3
ART 1213 Design I 3
ART 1223 Design II 3
ART 2113 Color Visual Language 3
Art electives (must be above 1000-level) 6
Total Art Minor Credits 18

* Pending approval