American Studies (B.S. Degree)
Department of English / Department of History, Politics and Geography

This cross-disciplinary Bachelor of Science program in English and history is designed to prepare students for any of a variety of vocations that requires both breadth and depth of understanding in American culture and historical context. This may include further study in law, academic and/or public history, government, business, or ministry.

Major Objectives

  • To make students conscious of their cultural, economic, social, and political heritage so that they may critically evaluate present trends, with reference to Christian standards.
  • To improve student skills in raising important questions, in research, in organizing ideas, in writing, and in other forms of communication.
  • To enable students to meet certification requirements to teach history and/or literature in secondary schools.
  • To provide an undergraduate foundation for graduate study in history, literature, the arts and related areas.
  • To furnish a broad liberal arts base for graduate work in such areas as law, government service, journalism, library science, business, and the ministry.

Major Course Requirements

Forty-four credits of courses above the freshman level as specified below, including six credits of electives from appropriate courses in philosophy, art, literature and history dealing with American themes. These may include travel courses. Specific course descriptions are located in the listings for the Departments of English and History, Politics, and Geography.

American Studies majors and minors are encouraged to attend the American Studies Program in Washington D.C. offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Click here for more information about this option.

Courses   Credits
HP 1483  U.S. History I 3
HP 1493 U.S. History II 3
Required Courses    
HP 2112 Methods of Historical Study 3
ENGL 2933 Foundations for English Studies 3
HP 3313 Colonial and Revolutionary America: 1607-1800 3
HP 3323 Early National Period: 1783-1850 3
HP 3333 Civil War and Reconstruction 3
HP 3343 Gilded Age and Progressive Era: 1877-1920 3
HP 3353 The 20th Century World: 1890-Present 3
HP 4303 American Intellectual History 3
ENGL 4943 / HP 4943 Seminar in American Studies 3
ENGL 3043 Survey of American Literature I 3
ENGL 3053 Survey of American Literature II 3
Total Prerequisite and Required Course Credits 39
Required Electives  
Nine credits in English selected from the courses below:  
ENGL 3192-3 Literary Field Studies: American Tour  
ENGL 3202-3 Special Studies in Literature: American Literature topics  
ENGL 4083 The American Novel  
ENGL 4223 Major Authors: American Authors  
ENGL 4943 / HP 4943 Seminar in American Studies  
Six credits of electives from philosophy, art, history, or literature  
Total Required Elective Credits 15
Total American Studies Major Credits 54

Minor Requirements

An American Studies minor requires 18 credits above the freshman level. These courses must be chosen in consultation with the chair of either the Department of History, Politics, and Geography or the Department of English.