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School of Business

Full-time Faculty of the School

School Missionof Business is to provide a quality program in preparation for professional careers in business and society, based on a discernment of ethical Christian principles.

School Motto

Bringing the mind of Christ to the world of business.

School Objectives

School of Business graduates will demonstrate 

  • a business philosophy as a calling in order to integrate one's professional life within a framework of Christian principles and ethical business conduct;

  • competencies in content areas in preparation for business and professional careers in various fields including not-for-profit organizations;

  • servant-leadership, and teamwork skills in communicating, problem solving, and interpersonal relations;

  • knowledge of current business trends including a global business perspective;

  • preparation for graduate studies and professional certification in selected fields of business or law; and

  • use of information and technology effectively for problem solving and communicating professionally.

School Academic Programs

Associate Degrees and Minors

Aviation (A.A. Degree)
Business (A.A. Degree)

Business Majors (B.S. Degree)

Business Multidisciplinary Degrees

School Major for B.S. Degree

Six concentration patterns are offered in fulfilling the requirements for a B.S. degree from the School of Business. These concentrations include the basic core and spdent must take at least 50% of their course work in business from Southern Nazarene University to receive the B.S. degree from SNU.

Double Major

Double majors must be taken from two distinctly different disciplines; therefore, double majors are not permissible with the School of Business degree plans.